Here we share just a few notes and images of some of the most interesting plants within the garden in April.

The camellia collection here at Trewidden comprises of more than 300 species/cultivars.  Camellia ‘China Clay’ has been in flower for nearly a month and is now at it’s peak.

Camellia x williamsii ‘China Clay’

Further clearance around the Tree Fern Pit has now opened up better views from the south, looking north across the ferns.  There are two large trees within the Fern Pit; Magnolia dawsonia and Magnolia sargentiana var. robusta are both ‘Champion Trees and therefore the largest of their kind in the British Isles.

On our Top Lawn the flowering daffodils were planted during the Second World War.  At that time, arable fields used for ornamental crops were ‘grubbed out’ to grow food crops and these bulbs were saved from one of those fields.

Across the pond at this time of year you can get a clear view of the outline of our largest Magnolia, which is now in flower.  Another UK ‘Champion Tree’, this one is called Magnolia x veitchii ‘Peter Veitch’.

If you would like to see more, why not pay us a visit? Or for just £15 you can become a Friend of Trewidden Garden and return as often as you like to see how the garden develops over the rest of the season.

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